Vision:  Each returning citizen has the opportunity to successfully reintegrate into the Anchorage community. 

Mission:  To provide transformative, participant centered reentry resources and opportunities beginning the day of incarceration.

Values:  Integrity, Inclusiveness, Collaboration & Cooperation, Transparency, and Respect & Equity.


Purpose:  To help facilitate the successful reentry of returning citizens into the Anchorage community.

The Anchorage Reentry Coalition aims to both improve prisoner reentry outcomes and public safety. Please contact the Coalition Coordinator if you are interested in getting involved or learning more about the Coalition or about reentry efforts in Anchorage. 

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  Contact                                                                        Funding Partner  

  Jonathan Pistotnik

  Anchorage Reentry Coalition Coordinator

  2515 A Street, Anchorage AK 99503

  Coalition Facebook Page