About the Coalition

The Anchorage Reentry Coalition is a diverse group of more than 45 programs, agencies, and individuals that are engaged in prisoner reentry and recidivism reduction efforts in Anchorage and Alaska. 

The Coalition is comprised of a Tri-Chair system, a Steering Team, and the general body of the Coalition. 


The Coalition has one full-time staff member, the Coalition Coordinator, whose position is funded through the Alaska Mental Health Trust. There is also an affiliated Case Manager that works closely with the Coalition Coordinator to provide pre and post-release case management services to eligible individuals that are schedule to be released from a DOC facility. 

The Coalition seeks to partner with agencies and organizations on the implementation and delivery of a wide-range of activities, including services related to: housing, employment, transportation, support systems, and access to integrated healthcare.  The Coalition is also interested in raising awareness about prisoner reentry issues in the Anchorage community among both the general public and relevant agencies and organizations throughout the state. 

Click here for the Anchorage Reentry Coalition Informational Brochure (PDF).

Coalition Partners


  Contact                                                                        Funding Partner  

  Jonathan Pistotnik

  Anchorage Reentry Coalition Coordinator


  2515 A Street, Anchorage AK 99503

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