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Coalition Information.

Informational brochure about the Anchorage Reentry Coalition. (2019)

Informational flyer for the Coalition Case Manager, who works directly with qualified reentrants. (2023)

Past General Coalition Meetings

Periodically the Coalition Coordinator sends out emails containing general information regarding reentry, criminal justice issues, events, partner information, and links to other online content. An archive of these emails is available online.


Data & Information.

A summative 2-page document updated annually containing broad demographic data about correctional populations in Alaska and about who is releasing from DOC to Anchorage. (2022)

An annually updated report that examines various aspects of the local community that may play a factor in the reentry process for those returning to Anchorage. (2022)

An infographic containing data and information about the impacts of incarceration in Alaska, and about reentry. (2019)

An infographic containing qualitative data and information about what will aid Alaskans in their reentry process and help keep them in the community. (2019)

A brief summary of the results from the Inmate Reentry Survey which highlights some of the potential needs of individuals when they return to the community. (2019)

Other Coalition Resources.

A coalition-produced guide for SUD treatment options in Anchorage with information pertinent to reentrants and individuals involved in the criminal justice system. Latest update: March, 2019.

NOTE: This is not an authoritative guide.

Star Packs Informational Letter

In the past the Coalition has collected basic essential supplies to give to reentrants that are releasing back to the community with little to no possessions or resources. The document contains information about the project, describes who receives the supplies, and lists what goes into each pack. Donations are warmly accepted! 

Other Resources.

Document was prepared by the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) and the Alaska Department of Corrections (DOC). It is not a product of the Anchorage Reentry Coalition. (2022)

This manual is a toolkit for coalition leaders, members, coordinators and case managers for conducting the work of the Alaska Community Reentry Program, a statewide effort to reduce recidivism to corrections through partnerships, supports and services to address the complex needs of prisoners reentering their communities. (2020)

Good starting point to learning about reentry coalitions and other partners located around Alaska.

This is the comprehensive list of convictions and barrier crimes for the State of Alaska.

The National Inventory of Collateral Consequences of Conviction (NICCC) is an online database that catalogs the state and federal statutes and regulations that limit or prohibit people convicted of crimes from accessing various rights, benefits, and opportunities. Search the database to find collateral consequences relating to Alaska.

Product of an ongoing collaboration between the Anchorage Health Department, the Anchorage Public Library, Community Resource Coordinator Program, and the Alaska National Guard Counterdrug Support Program.  This guide includes crisis, treatment, or other supportive services in the Anchorage area for individuals living with a substance use disorder, regardless of where they are in their journey to recovery. Last updated 2021.

Product of the Anchorage Health Department. Contains a wide variety of services and resources. Last updated 2022. 

There is a housing voucher available through AHFC for those on supervision. An application is located online, as are more details regarding eligibility.

The State of Alaska has a list of "approved providers list" of SUD treatment services available across the state. Although it isn't always up to date, it is a good resource for determining level of care, treatment modality, and locations. This resource can be found on the DBH Publications page.

All background check and variance applications go through the Alaska Department of Health Background Check Unit.

As of 2020, the NICCC identified 501 provisions of Alaska law that imposed “collateral consequences,” a large majority of which act as barriers to employment for people with criminal convictions. This fact sheet provides an overview of employment-related collateral consequences in Alaska.

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